Bread Knives

Bread knives have serrated edges and are designed to cut through tough outer crusts while protecting the delicate interior. They do not need to be used on bread only. Fruits like cantaloupe and honeydew have a tough rind that is sometimes hard to slice with a regular knife. Bread knives with an offset blade allow the operator to apply more evenly distributed downward force. It also prevents the operator from having to hold their wrist at an awkward angle to slice all the way down.

Most professional knives used to slice bread in the kitchen will have long blades, eight to twelve inches or so, but there are some straight blade models with five inch blades that are ideally placed on the table for customers to slice their own bread. A long blade is preferable so that it can be used to saw through a particularly tough fruit rind or large crust of bread where smaller knives would get stuck. 

Your employees should be aware, that if the bread knife is properly sharpened, they should not have to press down very hard to slice the bread. Pressing down hard can crumble the bread. All they really need to do is saw back and forth and press down lightly, and the knife will do the rest. When honing a serrated edge, remember to only hone the edge opposite the serrations.

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