Cheese Knives

Cheese knives are designed to easily cut and slice cheese. The size and shape of the knives can vary. Some are small and designed for specific cheeses, while others are large and need two hands to operate. There are also some with small picks that can allow you to quickly pick up and handle each slice. When it comes to cutting the cheese, Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has the professional chef knife you need to do a great job. If you purchase or make your cheese in large blocks, you will need a two handed knife to slice all the way through. These kitchen knives have blades that are 14 to 16 inches long with a handle at each end. One person can operate the knife by pressing down with both hands and leaning, or two people can work in unison from either end. There are also smaller knives designed for a specific cheese, like parmesan. Cheese knives are specifically designed to easily slice cheese while not sticking or gunking up, as would happen if you used a regular knife on cheese. They can also be used on butter, hard boiled eggs or any other food that tends to stick to the blade.

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