Cutting Boards

Cutting boards are where most of the action happens in a commercial kitchen. Visit the food prep station and there is certain to be blades flying and slicing and dicing action happening at a frenetic pace. All this action happens, of course, on cutting boards to protect the counter tops from both blade damage and cross contamination. It is generally believed that plastic cutting boards are betting for working with poultry and meat and wood is acceptable for produce, but there are purists that argue for using only one material over the other. Of course, the argument for using plastic when cutting chicken, beef or pork is that, because plastic is less porous than wood, the bacteria that lives in raw meat will not seep into the board. Plastic cutting boards can also be run through a dishwasher and properly sanitized with hot water before its next use, wood cannot because it will warp.

Took your color-coded cutting boards organized and easily accessible in the kitchen, be sure to add a cutting board rack to your collection..

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