Fillet Knives

Fillet knives have narrow, long, flexible blades and are used to remove the bones from fish. The shape and flexibility allow the blade to easily move around the bones and quickly separate the flesh. These knives can also be used to slice thin strips of beef and chicken before cooking. When selecting a fillet knife, you will want to consider the length of the fish you will be filleting.

Though it is impossible to find one as long as some fish species, you will want a knife that is easy to handle and will help minimize the number of slices you will make to clean the fish of bone and innards. Generally speaking, you will want a knife with the narrowest, most flexible blade for cleaning small fish. Wider, more rigid blades can be used on larger fish because there is usually more meat and slightly larger bones. Use the fillet knife to remove the skin, bones of the fish from the meat, this meaty portion is known as a fillet as well. You can also use this type of kitchen knife to debone poultry and beef as well. Choose from a variety of different styles of fillet knife, this type of professional cutlery is an absolute essential for any kitchen that prepares seafood or meat dishes.

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