Kitchen Shears

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Kitchen shears, also called poultry shears, sometimes resemble regular scissors, but they are usually heavier and have stronger blades. The shears are designed to cut through bones, skin and tough meat. They are primarily used to trim poultry but can be used on other foods as well. In addition to strong cutting blades, many kitchen shears also have a bone cracker built in to the handle. Oftentimes this looks like a nut cracker and is used to bust tough joints or crustacean shells. Like any other piece of cutlery, shears require specific care when storing and washing. Be sure to store them either wrapped up or in a block for knives. This will protect the blades as well as an employee reaching into a drawer. Most of models must also be washed by hand. Banging around in a dish rack can damage both the blades and handle covers.