Utility Knives

Utility knives are used to perform a variety of different cutting tasks. Also called a sandwich knife, they are most often found behind a sandwich or deli counter. You can use them to slice small pieces of meat and fruit as well as slice small sandwiches. As with any knife, the blade edge and shape is the most important thing to consider when looking for a utility knife. A serrated edge is ideal for cutting breads and fruit with a tough rind because the teeth will easily cut through the crust while not damaging the soft core.

Straight-edge blades are ideal for peeling fruits and slicing soft meats. The blade can also be straight, slightly curved or offset. Offset blades allow the user to apply more downward pressure over a more even surface. Combine this with a serrated edge, and you have the perfect knife for slicing small bread items. Straight or curved blades can be used interchangeably, but those that do have a curve are ideal for slicing with a rocking motion. This type of kitchen knife is a great all-purpose addition to your professional cutlery.

Ensure that you choose a quality set of utility knives, this kitchen staple is a true workhorse you will continue to use to prepare a wide variety of ingredients for many years. Choose knives that feature a full tang, this type of knife will have the best balance and make cutting much easier. For an easy to clean knife, choose one with a plastic or nylon handle, this type of material is more sanitary and can resist bacterial contamination better than a wooden handle can. Utility knives are an absolute essential for any commercial kitchen.

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