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Serving Forks

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Serving forks are the perfect way to serve meats, large vegetables and cold cuts at a buffet. When serving filet mignon, chicken breasts or other main dishes, use a serving fork instead of tongs. Whether you are looking for a pot fork with two tines or a three-tine cold meat fork, you can find what you need here.

When choosing a serving fork, the first thing to consider is the application. For serving large cuts of cooked meats and vegetables, go with a pot fork. Pot forks have two long tines, making it easier to penetrate through the product. On the other hand, if you need the fork to serve deli meats and cold cuts, go with a cold meat fork, which typically has three to five tines. Dress up your tray with different types of meat, cheeses and garnish with parsley or other herbs. Pick a decorative and functional cold meat serving fork to let your guests serve themselves. The extra tines make it easier to punch through thin slices of meat, cheese and vegetables.

If you are looking for a serving fork to leave in your chafer or steam table pan at a hot buffet, you may want to choose a serving fork with a cool-touch handle. This kind of handle will stay cool, even when placed in a hot dish for hours at a time, and it will prevent guests and patrons from burning their hands. However, if appearance is your main concern, a plastic cool-touch handle is not for you. Instead, choose a more elegant serving fork that is silver or gold-plated, or one with silver or gold accents.