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Steak Knives

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Steak houses know the importance of a high quality steak knife and we know the importance of giving our customers options that will set their dining service apart from the competition. We offer steak knives from the leading restaurant supply companies to help our customers get the exact look and feel that they are looking for in a steak knife. Steak knives are the best choice for cutting through roasts, ham, prime rib and of course steaks. This type of knife has a sharp, serrated edge that is able to slice through foods like red meat and pork much easier than a dinner knife can. If your establishment serves meat as an entrée, then a good set of steak knives is an absolute essential addition to your restaurant supplies.

Choosing the right steak knives is based on several factors. First you must decide on what type of blade you want to use, there are many options and each has its own strengths. High carbon stainless steel is the strongest type of blade. Of the stainless steel bladed steak knives, you have a choice of different steel grades, 18/10 stainless steel and 18/8 stainless steel are fairly similar though 18/10 is a little stronger due to the higher nickel content of the alloy. 18/0 Stainless steel flatware is much more flimsy but also much less expensive. You also have a vast assortment of handles to choose from. Steak knives are often differentiated from the rest of the flatware on the table by their wooden handles, there are also plastic handled steak knives and steak knives that have handles to match the rest of your flatware.

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