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Meat Tenderizers

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Tenderness is a key component to tasty meat. When a cut of beef, lamb or chicken does not meet your standards, use one of our commercial meat tenderizers to soften things up a bit. Invest in one meat tenderizer per different type of meat so you have one for beef, one for poultry and one for lamb. Two of the main factors affecting meat tenderness are age and cut. Older animals will have tougher meat as their muscles have developed more connective tissue. Also, cuts of meat that are used for movement will have more connective tissue making them tougher than those used simply for support, which is why the top loin and rib cuts are more tender in beef than the leg or round cuts. The key to tenderizing meat is to break down these connective fibers and tissues to make the meat soft. Of course, a meat tenderizer is a great way to do this. Place the meat in a freezer to prevent the tenderizer from coming in contact with the meat. Then, to keep the bag from being broken, wrap it in a thin towel. Then begin hammering the meat. Start at the center and work your way outward to create the most even filet.

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