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French Whips

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Create some exciting dishes with one of our french whips. We have a full line of traditional french and piano style whips. It is best to invest in a wide array of styles and sizes so that you have the appropriate size when needed and you are not forced to improvise. Select a french whip or balloon whisk if mixing delicate sauces and batters. Whisks and whips are essential to any commercial bakery or dessert bar. For creating those delicious confections that patrons crave, nothing beats a good old fashioned hand whisk. Just try to get the beautiful, stiff peaks a french whip gets with a meringue with an electric mixer. While the process is a little bit harder, many top chefs swear by these tools that have been around for centuries. The cook is more in touch with their food and is less likely to over whip the batter or the frosting because they can stop at a moments notice. countertop mixers will continue spinning for crucial seconds after they are turned off. Get back to basics and invest in some high quality, yet affordable french whips today.

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