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Whether you are serving a small cup of chili or a large crock of soup, you will need one of our ladles to dish out the appropriate portion. The varieties of ladles are wide and some are better suited to the tasks of your commercial kitchen than others, so make sure you are purchasing the right ladles for your kitchen. We offer one or two piece, round or flat bottom ladles and even some large dippers. All are available in different sizes and have long handles for reaching into the bottom of any stock pot. Dippers have a flat bottom and a tapered cup and are fairly large, whereas flat bottom ladles are smaller and have a straight edged cup. Dippers are used for transferring large amounts of a soup or sauce from one area to another in the kitchen and flat bottom ladles are used for portioning out sizes for customers.

The difference between one and two piece ladles is their composition. Ladles made with one continuous piece of metal or plastic from handle to edge of the cup are generally thought of as high quality and are more costly, but easier to clean and less likely to break. Two pieces on the other ladle type are the long handle and the cup. The two are attached at the cup with a few welds. These ladles are more economical and more prone to breaking at the weld joints.

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