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Portion Servers

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When running a commercial kitchen, equal servings are absolutely critical to prevent customer complaints. Serve equal and accurate portions of everything from mashed potatoes to coleslaw with one of these portion servers. The sizes a style are a very wide range to suit any needs. Burkett offers both solid and perforated portion servers for dry and wet food product. Each portion server has a capacity marking on either the bowl or handle to eliminate confusion. Use a perforated portion server when serving up steamed or boiled sides such as green beans or a vegetable medley mixture. The perforated servers are also good for extracting one or two pieces of chicken from a baking pan or pot on the range. They will allow the juices to fall back into the pot or pan and continue to flavor the other pieces of meat. Use a solid server when serving up a juicy dish that absolutely has to have a little sauce with it. Or for serving sauce itself. The servers are good for measuring out exactly the same amount of sauce for every plate. You will notice that most portion servers have a plastic coated handle. This is due to the fact that these servers can spend a good deal of time sitting in a hot pan or pot, waiting to be used with that particular food. After sitting in a warm pan for a while, the server will start to get warm and the metal will conduct the heat all the way up the handle. The plastic coating is to protect the area of the server that an employee will most likely grab and prevent them from burning themselves.

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