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Serving Spoons

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Stock up on serving spoons for your food bars, steam tables and catering buffet. Each compartment or dish needs its own spoon. Choose between stainless steel, precious metals and plastic utensils. When picking serving spoons, note whether you need perforated or solid spoons. For serving vegetables or fruits that are sitting in juice or syrup, consider a perforated spoon so that your guests can serve themselves without getting excess liquid. Perforated spoons are perfect for veggies and fruit salads.

For items that do not need draining, such as nuts, mashed potatoes and casseroles, use a solid serving spoon. If the spoon will be sitting in a hot chafer or steam table pan for long periods of time, you may want to consider getting a plastic, ergonomic handle. These cool-touch handles prevent guests from getting their hands burnt.

For serving dishes that may easily fall off the spoon, like roasted potatoes or salads, go with a notched spoon. The notches allow customers to pierce the food as well as scoop it, in case there are a few tricky pieces that they are having trouble keeping on the spoon.

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