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These mesh strainers are meant to be used directly over a pan or pot for sauces. Balance the hooks on one side of the pot and the handle on the other and you have hands free capabilities to add whatever ingredients you see fit. The strain can also be used to fish unwanted ingredients, such as bay leaves, out of the pot. When working this close to hot water, it is important that employees remember to follow proper burn precautions from water. Anytime cooks are planning on moving the pot, even if just a little, gloves or a towel should be worn over the hands to prevent burning from the extremely hot sides or handles of the pot that can heat up rapidly when cooking.

Never peer directly into a boiling pot, the water bubbles that are bursting are unpredictable and can pop right in an employee’s face causing severe burns. The same goes for removing the lid of a pot that has been simmering for a while. The steam that has built up under the lid is not only hot, but has a lot of energy behind it and can cause extremely painful burns.

When making fine purees or sauces, it is absolutely necessary to use a china cap or chinoise. The conical design and fine mesh make it ideal for removing any large clumps of food from apple seeds all the way down to strawberry seeds. They are sometimes accompanied by a pestle that is used to force the food out the bottom. When using china cap or chinoise, be sure that you properly boil any food that you put in the sieve to ensure that it is as soft as it can be. Constantly putting undercooked foods in the fine mesh vessel will eventually cause it to tear and force you to buy a new one prematurely. Boil or steam ingredients until they can easily be mashed by hand and then put them into the chinoise. You can also use this particular piece to sift fine powdered sugar onto finished pastries if you do not already have a tool that will do this.

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