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When a customer sits down to enjoy a bowl of your delicious tomato soup, they expect smooth and creamy, not lumpy and chunky. Use one of our skimmers to assure that your soups and broths are free of unwanted solids. We have four skimmer types available. For watery soups and broths use one of our mesh skimmers. These skimmers will remove nearly all solid grains from the broth and make it a great base for other soups or for use in cooking. Creamy soups are ideally strained with one of our scroll skimmers. This will catch pieces of food that have not been properly processed to get the creamy consistency desired. If you are straining large solids from a very watery soup or broth, select one of our perforated skimmers. These will help remove large spice pieces not intended for consumption such as bay leaves, cloves or cinnamon sticks. Finally, if you are cooking Asian noodles, it is best to use a specialty noodle strainer to remove them from the boiling water. The net-like skimmer will pull the noodles out of the water and strain them simultaneously.

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