Handheld Corers

The centers of many fruits and vegetables are very undesirable for cooking or serving because it is either extremely tough of that is where all of the seeds are located. Corers make easy work of getting rid of the unwanted cores in apples, pineapples, tomatoes and zucchini, among others.

Coring fruit before beginning to cook or otherwise cut it is a good idea since the produce is still firm and the cuts will be cleaner. Also, since there is less give, the chances of the corer slipping and cutting the user are much lower. When is it a good idea to use a corer? There are lots of great times to use one. When you are getting ready to bake a batch of apples for apple pie or apple sauce, peel your apple and then core it before you throw it in a pot to boil.

When getting ready to stew tomatoes, use a tomato corer to pull the unsightly green stem/core section out of the tomato. The stewed tomatoes will come out much better. When you are getting ready to serve pineapple on a fruit plate or in a dessert, don’t forget to put a corer through the thick center of the pineapple so all your guests get are soft, juicy pineapple pieces.

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