Melon Ballers

Melons, be it cantaloupe or honey dew or watermelon, are a big part of summer and an even bigger part of fruit salads. Melon ballers are a great way to scoop melon out of the rind uniformly and make a great presentation at the same time. They can then be added to salads or served individually on a fruit plate. There are many different types of melon to choose from and many different flavors that accompany the melons. Melons such as cantaloupe or honey dew belong to the Muskmelon family and develop a heavy, musky scent as they ripen. To determine if a Muskmelon is ripe, check for softening on the end with the blossom and a distinctly sweet aroma emanating from the fruit.

The other type of melon family is the watermelon and, although the common variety has a green striped rind and a pink interior, there are varieties that have a yellowish skin as well. To select a watermelon that is at its peak ripeness, make sure the rind is uniform and sleek and the melon makes a hollow sound when slapped. The skin of the watermelon should also appear dull rather than shiny.

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