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Portable salad bars and cold food tables can be used for a number of applications. They are designed to hold hotel pans and are great for setting up salad bars or cold breakfast buffets for hotels, caterers and other operations. They are also useful for displaying grab and go items such as juices, parfaits or sandwiches. Portable cold food tables vary in size and are designed to either stand freely, usually with casters to make them more easily transportable, or to rest atop tables or counters.

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What are the benefits of food crocks in a salad bar?

Food crocks are primarily designed for holding produce. Many crocks come with lids for safe refrigerated storage, and come in multiple colors. The great added value of food crocks is that they can go from storage to cold food table in a buffet line just by removing the lid. The crocks are specifically designed for longer insulation and holding times. Before you store your produce in a food crock, it is extremely important that it is properly washed, especially since the food will more than likely go straight from the refrigerator to the buffet line in the front of the house. When you get your produce delivery, inspect the entire shipment to make sure there is not an overwhelming amount of insects or grime on them. This is a fairly good indication that this is not a good batch of veggies. Once you have accepted the delivery, wash the produce at once. For leafy vegetables, such as lettuce or chard, discard the top layers and then wash each leaf individually. Don’t just run it under cold water, get in there and really scrub the leaves to make certain no microorganisms are left on the greens. For hard vegetables, such as beets or carrots, it is okay to take a scrub brush to them. The more you scrub, the cleaner and less likely to harmer your customers the food will be.