Plastic Serving Bowls

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Plastic serving bowls are a great way to casually serve traditional salads, pasta salads, cut fruit and more on a buffet or tabletop. This collection of serving bowls is made from food-safe polycarbonate that does not leech or absorb stains or odors. Plastic is a great lightweight way to produce, transport, serve and store foods. These bowls are all fashioned to look great regardless of the venue. Contemporary black, stylish translucent and even accenting colors are available to fit the particular atmosphere of your home or restaurant.

For a splash of excitement in your presentation, textured and molded models make great additions. Some models are made to take the look of crystal, caching the light in intricate crevices and reflecting it elegantly onto the surrounding tabletop items. Seashell-shaped serving bowls are also a popular way to serve foods of all kinds, especially ahi tuna salads and shrimp cocktail platters. Choosing themed options like these can give your guests a better experience and make them eager to come back for more.

Plastic serving bowls like the ones in this section come in all colors and textures, you will be sure to find the right bowl for your busy restaurant. Plastic is a great choice for caterers, it is much more durable than glass or ceramic and the lower price point on plastic items means that you can afford to replace them easily. Choose plastic serving bowls, they can be molded to look like cut crystal, wood, glass, and more, and if they are on your serving line it is unlikely that your guests will be picking them up so the illusion is not ruined.