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Plastic Food Baskets

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Fast food baskets are colorful plastic baskets that are a staple in quick service or fast casual dining environments. They are used to serve French fries, onion rings, sandwiches, fried chicken, burgers and other forms of fast food. They are also great for pitas, gyros, tacos and paninis. Sizes and shapes vary, so go with the size that will best suit your menu items and meal combos. Round baskets are ideal for serving large appetizers or fried foods. Oblong or oval baskets are better for serving sandwiches and burgers with a side of fries, chips or salad. A variety of colors are available so that you can match the color of your basket with your dining room colors or the colors of your logo. If you have a busy restaurant with a high turnover, make sure your fast food baskets are dishwasher safe so you can keep up with customer demand.

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