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Oil & Vinegar Cruets

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The characteristic shape of oil and vinegar cruets sets them apart from other types of condiment bottles or holders. Although there are a few different designs, cruets are usually larger at the bottom and narrower on top, usually with a narrow metal pourer that screws on top. Use these when serving breads or salads at the restaurant, or for entertaining dinner guests at home.

Oil and vinegar cruets can come individually or in pairs. These bottles provide an easy way of dispensing olive oil, vinegar, balsamic vinegar or other dressing. These are popular additions when serving salads, fish and chips, bread or even sandwiches. They come in sizes of 6 to 16 ounces and are typically made of glass. For a fancier look, choose cruets that come with cork or glass stoppers rather than the metal caps. These look pretty on the table top and add a sense of sophistication to your dinnerware.

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