Ramekins & Sauce Dishes

Ramekins are a staple serving and baking dish for many restaurants. They come in several sizes and materials, including large porcelain ramekins for soufflés and miniature, plastic ramekins that can serve as condiment cups. Silicone ramekins are also available for pastry and cake baking. If you are choosing a set of ramekins for your restaurant or home, consider the many ways you will use them. If you want to use the ramekin for both baking and serving, a 3-4 inch diameter ceramic ramekin is an ideal choice. It is attractive in appearance and can be used to make soufflés, custards, mini-casseroles, and whatever else you think of. The baked food can be served directly in the ramekin. They can also be used as a monkey dish for serving sides like fruit salads, relishes, etc.

On the other hand, if you are using the ramekin for baking only, a nonstick silicone ramekin will make the perfect mold. For serving condiments or dressings, a small plastic ramekin is ideal.

If you want a dishwasher-safe ramekin that is elegant-looking and can be used to serve a variety of sauces and sides, a glass ramekin would be the perfect choice. Metal ramekins are also dishwasher safe and great for serving condiments.

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