There is no way to keep your customers happy without keeping an ample supply of glasses ready for use in your restaurant. Running out of glasses in a bar or restaurant has major consequences such as creating cranky customers that may not come back to your establishment, so having a variety of drinkware glasses is essential regardless of the type of restaurant you have.

Burkett has a very large assortment of plastic, porcelain and glass options for all of your dining needs. Regardless of whether you are looking for simple plastic tumblers or drinking glasses to dress up your table tops, there are options available in all sizes.

Upscale restaurants and homeowners usually select drinkware glasses made of glass. It is more elegant than plastic but can break more easily, so be careful when handling the cups. Do not clink the rims together because the cups can break or chip. Our selection of dining room glasses and bar glassware will provide your restaurant several stylish options from well-known brands such as International Tableware and Libbey.

Casual dining establishments usually choose plastic glasses because it is less expensive and more durable than glass. Many pizza establishments and fast food restaurants use plastic tumblers as “for here” glasses because they are easy to clean and are very durable. Plastic cups are also a good option for employee drinks in a variety of establishments.

Regardless of the type of drinkware glasses you choose, restaurants should order one case more than they think they need, because cups will inevitably break or be accidentally thrown away, and they will need immediate replacements.

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