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Asian Soup Spoons

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Asian culture has mastered the art of soup. At virtually all Asian restaurants, guests will be served a steaming bowl of won-ton soup, egg drop soup, sweet and sour soup, miso soup or other ancient Asian recipes, accompanied by an Asian-style soup spoon. It can be said that soup is what trademarks Asian food and is the one comfort food that has been more ingrained in Asian culture than any other. While some restaurants may choose to let their guests sip these warm creations directly from the bowl, it is always a good idea to have Asian soup spoons on hand.

While an Asian soup spoon has the same function as a regular spoon, it is created with an Asian flair that holds a larger amount of liquid than Western spoons. This styling gives the same feel and efficiency of a bowl in regards to holding liquid, but in more controlled portions. The overall shape of the spoon is also different that Western spoons—generally, Asian soup spoons feature a much shorter and thicker handle. Sometimes, the handle supports the base so that the bowl sits flat on the tabletop to promote respect of the meal and overall appeal of the setting.

These unique Asian spoons are available in ceramic and plastic. A wide range of colors and designs are available to match the ambiance of your home or restaurant. For deep-bowl soup service and soup stirring, sturdy models with a long bamboo stem are available. These beautiful pieces will maintain the desired Asian atmosphere for tabletop or display cooking service. They reflect the style of the Asian countryside. The wooden handle ensures that they maintain a cool temperature even in very hot soups and against persistent use. Complete the look of your Asian-inspired restaurant by adding these traditional spoons to soup service.

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