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Souffle Dishes

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This delicate dish is a scrumptious and light part of a meal. It can be served as part of the main course as a savory dish or it can be made with chocolate and served for dessert. The dishes are ceramic to gently heat the temperamental food and prevent the top from falling. It is meant to be cooked and served in the same dish.

Soufflé is a notoriously picky recipe that has to be made just right to prevent disaster from occurring. Keep these tips in mind when attempting to create the perfect soufflé. Let the eggs sit out on the counter for about ten minutes before you start whisking them. This will allow them to reach room temperature. Make sure not to over whip the egg whites. Doing so will prevent the other ingredients from folding into the egg white. Stiff peaks are the way to tell if the egg whites have been perfectly whipped. Do not cook the soufflé too quickly. If you put the heat up too high, the soufflé is very likely to fall rapidly after you remove it from the oven or sometimes even before it is removed. Once it has finished baking, serve the soufflé immediately. The longer it sits, the faster it falls and one of the best parts of making a soufflé is showing off a perfectly risen dish.

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