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Beverage Glasses

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Our beverage glasses are designed to hold up to the constant stress and usage undergone in restaurant operations. For the most durable glassware, look for glasses that are tempered or heat treated. This will increase their resistance to shock and temperature change so they will last longer in your restaurant.

When choosing beverage glasses, shape and construction are the most important factors. Heat treatment and special toughening processes will increase the steadfastness of a glass. In addition, straight sides that are directly perpendicular to the tabletop will increase the durability of the glass. On the other hand, glasses with curved or diagonal sides are more likely to break under shock, and they also do not store as easily since they will always take up as much space as their widest point. However, glassware that provides unique shapes is a great choice for spicing up the look and appeal of your tabletops.

Almost all of our commercial beverage glasses can be put through a high-temp or low-temp washer. Be sure to match your glass with the appropriate rack. To determine how many glasses will fit on the rack, determine the number of compartments in the rack and go by the widest point of the glass to ensure that they will fit in the compartments. Make sure your dishwasher can wash enough racks to meet the demands of your dining room.

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