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Champagne Glasses

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Despite its resemblance to the yellow-gold color of white wines, Champagne and other sparkling wines are typically considered a class above the rest with their celebratory bubbles that add a touch of fun to even the most elegant occasions. Champagne glasses are specifically designed to showcase and retain the signature carbonation of each glass.

Champagne flutes are the glass that is commonly used to serve sparkling wines. They typically have tall and narrow bowls and come in designs that have straight, tulip or trumpet-shaped styles. Many flutes feature stems that are taller than other types of wine glasses in order to ideally keep the drinkers hand away from the Champagne that is served at the same temperature as many white wines.

With the variety of Champagne glasses in this collection of wine glasses and stemware, it is difficult to choose your favorite styles. Keep in mind that your glassware should reflect the personality of your establishment and yet provide the functionality of Champagne glasses that you know and expect.

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