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Collins Glasses

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Collins glasses are tall, narrow cylindrical tumblers used to serve—you guessed it—Tom Collins cocktails. Although this glass’ namesake is the first beverage to come to mind, the Collins glass is never dogged or stingy. It can typically contain 10-14 ounces of liquid and is a tall slender glass that slightly resembles that of a high ball cocktail glass.

These cocktail glasses are great for the traditional Tom Collins cocktail that has been around since the 1870s. This cocktail is made from lemon juice, sugar and carbonated water along with gin and is served over the rocks. Many people think about this drink as being gin with sparkling lemonade because of this.

These cocktail glasses easily hold other mixed drinks, so feel free to use your Collins glasses for organ juice and vodka, too. Tom Collins, the namesake of the cocktail as well as the drink, was never a real person, at least according to the 19th century legend known as The Great Tom Collins Hoax of 1874. However, the fictitious name has lived on in these cocktail glasses. Bartenders can serve a variety of drinks in these glasses, which are tall, narrow and simplistic, yet classy in their own right. Try serving a gin and tonic or a mojito in a Collins glass for a bit of a twist on tradition.

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