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When one thinks of goblets, wine usually comes to mind, however, Burkett carries a large selection of beer goblets that are a great choice for beer glassware in your bar or restaurant. These goblets or chalices are perfect for serving Belgian beers, IPAs, stouts and more.

Beer goblets and chalices have been around for thousands of years and were originally made from ornate gold or silver. Today, the goblets and chalices are made of glass, but still resemble large footed cups like their medieval counterparts. Even though beer goblets are now used when we are celebrating special occasions or just an excellent glass of beer, goblets used to be used for serving sacramental wine during religious celebrations.

A beer goblet features a stem and wide bowl much like a wine glass, but usually has thinner glass walls while a chalice is constructed out of thick glass. Regardless of whether you prefer a beer goblet or chalice, they are both specifically designed for easier drinking of your customer’s favorite beers because of the wide-mouthed design.

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