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Shot Glasses

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Shot glasses, or shooters, are made to hold one or two ounces of liquor, used as measuring tools for making mixed drinks, as well as serving glasses for smaller portions of alcohol. These small glasses are typically the first glass to come to mind when thinking about liquor and liqueur glasses because they have such a large presence in restaurants and bars, however, they can also be used for smaller mixed drinks, called shooters, that are drank in the same manner as a shot, that is a quick gulp and down it goes.

Despite its simple uses, these small glasses are available in a huge variety of shapes, sizes and designs that range from modern styling to traditional. Many of the shot glasses in this collection are designed specifically for bar use, and are called bar glasses because they have thick glasses bases for durability. In addition, these bases can often make it look like a bartender is pouring more liquor than they in fact are. Cylinder glasses appear just as the name suggests while flared and tonic glasses are taller in appearance and feature shapes that open up to a wider opening in the glass.

These liquor and liqueur glasses are actually becoming popular for alternative uses in restaurants, such as tiny dessert containers or decorative candle holders. They can even be popular as collectors’ items for tourists, so restaurants or bars that sell their own branded shooters might find a valuable source of revenue by putting their glassware up for sale.

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