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Seafood Hand Tools

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Whether it's shellfish forks or lobster crackers, our selection of tools is a must-have for any establishment serving seafood that sometimes plays hard to get. When it comes to seafood, specialty items are needed for both the kitchen and the dining room. These lobster crackers are specially designed to breach the hard shells of lobsters or other shellfish. They come in several styles, from basic metal crackers to ones designed to resemble lobster claws. When choosing a lobster cracker, style is the most important consideration. If you run a casual seafood restaurant, choose a lobster cracker with a bit of pizzazz, such as one that looks like lobster claws. On the other hand, if these will be used in a high-end restaurant, go for a classic metallic lobster cracker. Lobster and nut crackers undergo frequent use and the hinges experience a lot of pressure. So keep in mind that the more durable your lobster cracker, the more money you will save in the long run.

It is probably tough picking apart your shellfish using just your hands. If lobster is what you planning on serving for lunch or dinner, your fingers probably are not the right tools to get the job done. Be prepared to crack open and eat your lobster meat with ease using one of the many crackers available for sale here.

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