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Serving & Display Ware

The first impression at the buffet has nothing to do with the taste or quality of the food. Instead, the visual impact is what diners, guests or customers see first. The best way to make a dazzling first impression is with eye-catching display stands, trays, and bowls. By presenting different food items at different heights on attractive displays, caterers can easily impress clients and their party-goers.

A display stand can be used to bring a unique visual element to just about any event, whether it is a wedding, a holiday party, a business conference or a birthday party. Each type of stand has its own perks. Display bowls are a great way to showcase munchies, pastas, salads or fresh fruit. Trays are ideal for displaying small quantities of hors d'oeuvres at the buffet or at the center of the table. Risers provide multi-tiered display areas for the most adventurous types of displays.

Tiered stands are some of the most popular items for food display. They are available with as little as two or as many as seven tiers. They allow you to showcase one or more food items at different heights. They also save room at the buffet by providing more levels and surface area for presenting food items. This is the main advantage that a tiered model has over other display stands.