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Stir Stick Dispensers

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Making the perfect cup of Joe often requires the use of a stir stick to swirl the sugar, cream and coffee together. Keep a dispenser for stir sticks on hand at your condiment coffee supply stations, in the break room or in your café to give customers the option of stirring up their coffee. Stir stick dispensers are most often designed to dispense one stir stick at a time. Simply pressing on the plastic bar on the lower half of the dispenser lets one stir stick drop down, keeping the others contained in their sanitary chamber while reducing wasted stir sticks.

These acrylic dispensers are economically priced and give people peace of mind that they are using a clean stir stick for their morning coffee. For more casual circumstances or simply for a different look, try a stir stick dispenser that holds stir sticks upright with the tops of all the stir sticks available. Stir stick dispensers will ensure that your customers will be able to easily find this essential coffee supply so they can mix their coffee to perfection. Increase customer satisfaction and reduce the spread of germs with the use of a handy stir stick dispenser on your condiment stand. We carry a selection of stir stick dispensers made of acrylic these stir stick dispensers can fit stir sticks that are up to 6-1/2 inches wide to fit a variety of different brands. Add a stir stick dispenser to your coffee condiment stand and impress your customers with the neat and tidy appearance of your condiment selection.

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