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Napkin Dispensers

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From casual to classy, we have a napkin dispenser to fit your needs. Our selection of napkin dispensers means that we will have one to hold whatever size napkins you use. When choosing a napkins dispenser it is essential that you match your napkins to the dispenser that best fits those napkins. Many napkins have different dimensions when they are folded or unfolded, so be sure that you know the dimensions of your folded napkins when looking for a dispenser to match. Tabletop dispensers are popular in many quick service or casual restaurants, while more upscale restaurants tend to lean toward finer linens and napkin rings instead of disposable napkin holders.

Napkin Dispensers are an absolute essential addition to the dining supplies of any busy restaurant or café. This crucial item will prevent loss of product, all those unused napkins sure add up, and they will also keep this restaurant staple organized and within reach for all your customers. Choose from metal or plastic dispensers. Metal napkin dispensers are highly durable and look great with a variety of different décor. For self-serve situations, such as a concessions stand, always choose a napkin dispenser that protects the napkins inside from germs and spills, this type of napkin dispenser will ensure that the one your customer touches is the one they take.

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