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Tabletop Display & Decor

Place an alluring arrangement of beautiful flowers in a bud vase to provide your customers with an enchanting dining experience that they'll never forget. Our collection of contemporary, European white vases are a must-have for enhancing just about any plain table top, transforming the ordinary place setting into a beautiful, colorful dining area.

Give that bouquet of flowers the suitable home it deserves. These beautiful and elegant flower vases come in a variety of different models, shapes and sizes. All products available here can act as tabletop centerpieces or help light up any room. No restaurant can be considered elegant or charming without beautiful vases full of flowers. They can act as a table’s centerpiece or bring more color into a dining room. Restaurant vases are individually designed for use in a commercial environment. They are economically priced and tend to feature classic designs and shapes that can go with many types of flowers and tabletop decorations.

Set the mood in your restaurant by choosing from this assortment of candle holders for your candles. Choose candles that accentuate your overall restaurant décor, or simply place one on each table to spice up your ambiance. If you prefer, go for a fuel cell or oil lamp in place of a traditional candle. When thinking about adding light to your space, consider some safety issues first.