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Restaurant Menu Covers and Check Holders

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In most commercial restaurants, first impressions can make or break their business. Someone's first impression will start as soon as they take a seat. Pick the right menu cover for your restaurant from the available options listed here. Before you choose your menu cover, you have to know how long your menu is. For a two-page menu, a single-page menu cover will give you enough space, providing both a front and back for you to list your menu options. A four-page menu will require a double panel menu cover for holding all the pages. If all you need is the front cover, models without inside pages are also available, and will provide protection for the pages of your menu.

Menu covers can suggest what a commercial restaurant is all about. They can also enhance a patron’s overall dining experience. Be selective. Choose smart. After all, what you see is what you get when it comes to the commercial restaurant customer. Hand them something you know they'll want to see and remember in the future.

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