Commercial Egg Rings

Burkett has a wide selection of egg rings with various diameters. Use one of our egg rings to make perfectly round eggs, ideal for breakfast sandwiches. For a fun twist on a standard ring, check out several of our novelty shapes such as hearts or flowers. Eggs have found their way back into America’s good graces. Do not spoil their return by serving an order of eggs over-easy with paper-thin whites. Place some of our egg rings on your griddle top to contain the whites. The result will be a perfectly round egg every time and a perfectly satisfied customer at every table. When using the egg ring to make breakfast sandwiches, it may be preferable to use a scrambled egg mixture for faster cooking. This is a perfectly acceptable substitution, especially when the mixture gets a little extra cheese mixed in. When using an egg ring, the result is a perfectly round egg, ideal for placement on a biscuit or English muffin. Top the sandwich off with some bacon, sausage and cheese and you have a breakfast fit for a king.