Steak Weights

Steak weights or bacon presses are an ideal product for operations that want to prepare cuts of meat and not sacrifice speedy service or product quality. The weight is placed on top of the steak or burger or bacon and it will continuously provide downward force on the steak to press the juices out of them. We offer cast iron steak weights because of their excellent heat transfer capabilities. When using a weight it is very important to remember to wash the weight after every use. It can be easy to forget in the fast pace of a commercial kitchen, but to prevent contamination or flavor transfer, washing the weights is really the only way to protect against these hazards. If you are in an absolute rush, and have no time to wash, place the weight directly on the grill or range and let the steak residue burn on to the weight. Then, using a grill scraper, scrape the burned pieces off. This is only for use under dire circumstances though, and it is highly recommended that you purchase several so they can be in constant rotation.

Steak Weight Resources:

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