Countertop Display Cases

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Show off your delicious foods while keeping them at safe temperatures with a heated countertop display case.

These display cases will make your meals more accessible to consumers while keeping them at safe temperatures until service. From convenience stores to dining halls, countertop heated merchandisers are great additions to your foodservice success. 

Our selection of countertop merchandisers can help you show off a variety of food items, such as bagels, muffins, churros, sandwiches, and more. Depending on where you want to put your countertop merchandiser, you can go with a staff served or self-serve display.

Display Case Construction

These displays use radiant or convection heat transfer to preserve food at acceptable temperatures, while using glass or an air curtain to ensure a clear view of the product and keep hot air in. Hot food merchandisers include one or more adjustable or fixed shelves.

With the ability to adjust shelving units inside your heated display case, you can switch up food offerings daily. This feature gives you much more variety with your merchandiser. Some models even have slanted shelves which can increase customer visibility.


These countertop warming display cases range from as small as 7" wide up to 36" wide. We offer displays with one or several shelves to suit the volume of food you're offering.

For specially designed display cases check these out:

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