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Glass & Cup Racks

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Though certainly not the most thrilling product for your bar, glass washing racks are nonetheless still quite important to the successful operation of your bar. After all, help to protect and organize all of the glassware in your bar for cleaning and storage. Glass washing racks are an important tool for protecting your glassware while it goes through the wash. Commercial dish and glasswashers are heavy-duty machines that are designed to wash your glassware as quickly and thoroughly as possible, and they are easily capable of damaging your expensive glassware unless you protect it with a glass washing rack. More than merely protective, however, glass washing racks are also designed to allow water to flow through them so that your glassware comes out, not just unharmed, but clean as well.

At Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies, we offer glass washing racks in many different sizes and colors. Whether you need some shorter racks with larger compartments for coffee mugs or whiskey glasses, or taller racks for stemware, we’re sure to carry just the glass washing rack for you. Almost all of our glass racks can be customized as well. Speak to one of our friendly Account Representatives for more information.

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