Concession Equipment Buyer Guide

Burkett Restaurant Equipment supplies a full line of Concession Equipment and Supplies. If you want more information or have any questions feel free to contact us by email or call 1-800-828-8564.

Why buy Concession Equipment from Burkett Restaurant Equipment?

Burkett Restaurant Equipment carries a full selection of Concession Equipment and Supplies for your business. We offer FREE SHIPPING on many refrigerated freight items going to any business in the United States. Our competitive pricing offers you the comfort of knowing you are getting the best deal possible without price searching.

What type of Concession Equipment do you sell?

Coffee Equipment

Burkett sells a wide variety of Coffee Equipment such as Airpots, Coffee Makers, Coffee Urns, Coffee Warmers and Decanters.

Condiment Dispensers

Condiment Dispensers are a necessity to any Concession. Condiment Dispensers dispense anything from fudge and cheese to ketchup and mayonnaise. Dispensers can come in Warmers, Cookers, Steel, Plastic, Round, or Square.

Heated Merchandisers

Display Cabinets are great for showing off your specialty Pizzas, Sandwiches, Pretzels, Burritos, Cookies or any other foods. Display Cabinets have different leveled tiers or racks and are sized by their widths. Display Cabinets can have either one or two doors and can also be a Heated or Humidified Unit.

Dry Product Dispensers

Dry Product Dispensers are a hopper system that accurately portions powders and other dry products. The dispenser allows portions from 1/4 to 2-ounces and is adjustable in 1/8-ounce increments. Suggestions for use include smoothie powders, iced coffee powders, mix-ins for blended ice cream drinks and cocktail powders.

Dry Product Dispensers are designed to be mounted side by side for a station of several products. Choose from 1 or 2-liter capacity models with a single, double or triple wall bracket. A double stand is available, to convert your double 1 or 2- liter model for counter-top use.

Hot Dog Equipment

Hot Dog Equipment is great for fast hot dog sales and displaying your hot dogs. Hot Dog Equipment either comes in Cradles, Spikes, Rollers, or Steamers. Use Bun Warmers to heat your hot dog buns. Sneeze Guards are great for keeping hot dogs warm on hot dog rollers and keeping your customers free from the grease hot dog rollers may produce.

Pizza Ovens

Mini Pizza Ovens are great for fast pizzas where space is limited. These Pizza Ovens can produce 12" to 16" pizzas and can have stone decks or can be thermostatically controlled.

Popcorn Equipment

Great impulse sales with Popcorn Poppers and Warmers. Poppers range from 4 oz. to 18 oz. Poppers. Many different colors and styles are available.