Hot Beverage Dispensers

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Hot beverage machines dispense drinks mixed from powder and hot water. They could be set up as back of the house operations, but are usually in self-service environments like convenience stores. Many of them include multiple hoppers to offer a variety of different flavors. Since they're connected to your water supply and mix drinks from a powder, they're easy to set up, restock and keep in continuous operation.

Frequently Asked Question About Hot Beverage Dispensers

What Kind of Establishment Needs a Hot Beverage Dispenser?

Breakfast buffets and convenience stores often have a hot drink dispenser so customers can serve themselves a hot cup of coffee any time of day or some hot chocolate during the cold winter months. Anyone that wants to sell hot beverages without the hassle of brewing them can benefit greatly from introducing a hot beverage dispenser to their lineup.

Which Hot Beverage Dispenser Is Right for Me?

You will want to look at the number of flavors to find the one best suited for your needs. Most hot drink dispensers are designed to hold powdered drink mix and circulate water through the mix to give customers a “fresh-brewed” beverage. Each unit has a series of hoppers for the dry mix and hot water. The hot water is in just one big tank, and there is one bin for each individual flavor. You will want to consider how many flavors you want to offer your customers and select a unit accordingly.

You will also want to look at the overall dimensions of each unit and the distance to the dispenser. The dispenser distance is the measurement between the drip tray and the bottom of the spigot. It will tell you how tall your tallest cup can be. The overall dimensions indicate how much countertop space the unit will take up. You will want to put it somewhere the top can be easily accessed, because this is where you will dump in more water and refill each flavor compartment.