Milkshake Makers

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Drink mixers are the most efficient way to mix milkshakes and ice cream for a consistent, creamy treat with all the mix’ns. When making constant shakes and treats, it’s way too much work to use a standard blender. A drink mixer uses an agitator instead of a blade and can mix drinks right in the cup you serve them in. They are the perfect way to make drinks without the cleanup required with a blender. Choose between one and three spindle models for various volume needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drink Mixers

What Kind of Drink Mixer Agitators Are There?

Agitators come standard in two types, soft ice cream and hard ice cream. The hard ice cream style agitator is more durable to be able to mix hard ice cream. The soft ice cream style agitator is more flexible and spherical for the ideal mix of soft ice cream.

Are Drink Mixer Agitators Removable?

Whether agitators are removable or permanent depends on the model drink mixer. Removable agitators are great for alternating between hard and soft ice cream mixing. If you need additional agitators, we have them available as well!

Does a Drink Mixer Need to Be Mounted?

Many models of drink mixers are made to be wall mounted, but if you prefer there are also countertop options that can be easily placed and moved anywhere.