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Tea Equipment

Tea is a crowd favorite and a staple in many restaurants. Burkett's selection of hot tea and iced tea brewers and dispensers are a wonderful asset in any restaurant and can even boost sales by providing many different choices in flavors to brew the perfect cup of tea. Don't forget your tea filters, tea server, and tea cups.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tea Equipment

Can a tea brewer produce both iced tea and hot tea?

Some of the tea brewers we offer can be used for both. In addition to producing iced tea, some of these units will have a spout for hot water to supply hot tea. Check spec sheets while browsing to confirm a unit’s capabilities.

Can these tea brewers be used to make other beverages?

Yes! If the brewer has hot tea capabilities, it can also produce hot chocolate and instant coffee. The added versatility makes these tea brewers ideal for diners, cafeterias and small cafes.