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Fry up some delicious apps and sides with outstanding energy efficiency thanks to a commercial electric deep fryer.

Increasing efficiency in your kitchen is as simple as adding a commercial countertop electric fryer. These compact deep fryers sit on your counter, enabling your employees' easy access during peak hours.

Commercial electric deep fryers are convenient, cost-saving appliances for any kitchen looking to provide fried foods. Because these units only require simple electrical connections, they can be used in restaurants, food trucks, or concession stands. Whether you need a full pot fryer or a split pot fryer, we have a great selection of commercial electric fryers to fulfil your business's needs. If you're looking for more frying power, check out our collection of gas deep fryers.


Usually, electric deep fryers are smaller than gas-powered models. Electric deep fryers are typically more space friendly than gas models. Most units are able to sit comfortably atop countertops allowing your staff to quickly access them during your busiest times. These units have smaller footprints and pot capacities; however, they can still provide results similar to full size models.

While most commercial electric deep fryers come in countertop models, we also have a selection of full-size electric fryers. If you need to cook multiple dishes at the same time, there are fryers with multiple fry pots that allow you to control the oil temperature and time independently without flavor transfer.

Fry Pot Capacity

Capacity is an important feature to think about when purchasing a countertop fryer. Because these electric deep fryers are smaller and less powerful than gas models, they will have smaller capacity limits. Our selection provides you with fry pot capacities as low as 6 pounds! These compact units are great for food trucks or concession stands. The few full size electric fryers we offer have higher capacities, maxing out as high as 75 lbs. These units are ideal for bars or small restaurants.

Many of our fryers are finished with stainless steel and are NSF listed, meaning they'll be simple to clean, reducing future maintenance costs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Electric Deep Fryers

Do commercial electric deep fryers need a ventilation hood?

An electric fryer is always recommended to have a ventilation hood for safe operation. The hot smoke and grease that fills the air from your fryer is hazardous to users and can lead to contamination of other foods. Ventless fryers or ventless hood systems are excellent alternatives. Always be sure to check with your local county health and safety codes to be sure your kitchen is operating correctly.

How do you clean a commercial electric deep fryer?

Check out this great blog for the best tips and times to cleaning a commercial deep fryer!

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