Commercial Pasta Cookers

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Make cooking pasta quicker and simpler for your kitchen with a commercial pasta cookers.

Commercial pasta cookers are ideal for commercial kitchens that produce a lot of pasta daily. These cookers are filled with water for boiling all types of pasta noodles quickly and easily. Whether your kitchen is small or large, we offer a pasta cooker that will meet your demands. These pasta boilers are available in a variety of capacities and BTUs. Burkett also offers both electric pasta cookers and gas pasta cookers to suit your kitchen's preferences.


Floor model pasta cookers have high capacities and can produce high volumes of cooked pasta at a time. These units are great for Italian restaurants, pizzerias, cafeterias, and other high-volume pasta establishments. Some full size models come equipped with rinsing tanks next to them. Constructed by top manufacturers like ANETS and Southbend, among others, our selection will provide your business with optimal performance and durability.

For those kitchens that are limited on floor space, we offer a few countertop pasta cooker models. These units have smaller tank capacities but operate at a similar performance level. Great for any operation looking to serve low to medium-levels of pasta daily, they can be placed anywhere in the kitchen without serious need for a ventilation hood.

Pasta Cooker Capacities

One of the most important factors to take into account when buying an industrial pasta cooker is the water capacity, which will determine how much food you can cook at once. Smaller establishments or those that serve fewer pasta dishes may like a countertop type that carries about 2 to 3 gallons of water, whereas larger eateries that serve a lot of pasta dishes may favor a floor model with a capacity of about 12 gallons.

Rinse Tanks

Once your pasta is cooked, the next step is rinsing it off before serving. We offer a few models that come with a sink and faucet directly attached to the pasta boiler. This cuts down on unnecessary movement in the kitchen which can make things safer for other chefs or cooks and more efficient for you.


Floor models will require a ventilation hood. While commercial pasta cookers do not throw off harmful fumes like a stove would, they do generate a lot of excess heat, so it is essential to place your unit under a ventilation hood. Countertop models will not need a ventilation hood.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pasta Cookers

What is a Rethermalizer?

Some pasta cooker models double as rethermalizers. A rethermalizer is made to heat frozen meals up to a food-safe temperature as quickly as possible. A rethermalizer helps bring foods through the temperature “danger zone,” which is between 41⁰F and 135⁰F. At these temperatures bacteria is more likely to contaminate foods.

For other rethermalizing kitchen equipment, check out these: sous vide machines, soup kettles, and bain marie heaters.

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