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Commercial Pasta Cookers

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Commercial pasta cookers resemble a fryer, but rather than filling the vat with oil, it is filled with water for boiling spaghetti and other types of pasta noodles. They are ideal for commercial kitchens that make a lot of pasta. Once pasta is done cooking, it is a good idea to rinse it off. This will prevent it from sticking together. Usually, the rinsing is done over a sink, but there are two-vat commercial pasta cookers available that have a cooking tub and a rinsing tub. Above the rinsing vat, there is a faucet to give you fresh water for rinsing and replenishing the cooking tub. As with all pieces of equipment designed for restaurant use, commercial pasta cookers must be placed under a hood for ventilation. They do not throw off harmful fumes, like a stove would, but they do generate a lot of excess heat that can make an unventilated kitchen unbearable.

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