Warming Drawers

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Space saving and heat holding, these countertop drawer warmers are a welcome addition to any commercial kitchen.

Countertop drawer warmers are perfect for commercial kitchens that are lacking space. These models are typically smaller than built-in drawers, but will provide similar performance. Many of these models come with adjustable legs so you can fit one perfectly wherever you may need to.

Warming Drawer Uses

Warming drawers can be used to keep pastries, meats, and vegetables warm until they are ready to serve. They can also be used as dough proofers because they can deliver low temperatures and humidity. Of course for more powerful dough proofing, check out commercial proofing cabinets

Drawer warmers can also be used to warm up plates or bowls. By warming up your plate or bowl, you can increase the length of time the contents within remain hot once served or taken from a hot box. Pre-plating hot meals can save your kitchen and serving staff time during lunch rushes or served dinners. These units will hold hot meals at proper temperatures until service.

For catering companies or healthcare facilities that deliver hot plated meals, we offer more units to help with higher serving volumes. Check out our collection of banquet carts and meal delivery carts.

Sizing & Capacity

Countertop warming drawers are available with 1, 2, or 3 drawer designs. Widths range from 20" to 30". The compact dimensions allow these units to be placed on serving counters or table tops. They can be placed in the front-of-house or back-of-house depending upon its use.

Pan capacity is directly related to how many drawers your unit has. With more drawers, higher numbers of pans or plates can fit inside. Check each products individual page to find the true capacities for each unit. Be sure you look at commercial food pans to ensure you have the right sized equipment.

Warming Drawer Temperatures

One of the most important things to know is that warming drawers do not cook or reheat food. They simply maintain a safe temperature for already cooked foods. Temperatures usually range between 80° and 220° Fahrenheit.

Many models allow users to load or lift pans without tilting them, preventing spills. They are also well-insulated, which saves energy and reduces the amount of heat in your kitchen.

Countertop warming drawers are excellent assets to concession stands, convenience stores, carnival booths, or any food service business that needs to keep low-volumes of goods warm for short periods of time. We also offer built-in warming drawers that can be built into kitchen countertops to conserve space. Place them directly under food prep areas for quick and easy access.

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