Pizza Merchandisers

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Tickle the senses of customers to drive sales with one of these brilliant pizza merchandisers.

Pizza is one of the most popular foods in the world and is served all around the globe. These heated display cases are a must-have piece of pizza equipment. They are great for gas stations, stadiums, carnivals, food trucks, or any foodservice area that needs a way to show off that gooey, cheesy goodness.

After you’ve baked a delicious pizza in a commercial pizza oven, move pies into a heated pizza merchandiser to keep them warm and show them off. By correctly placing a pizza display, you can entice onlookers with not just the sight of hot, fresh pizza slices, but also through filling the air with delicious aromas.

Pizza Merchandiser Sizing

These pizza display cases are countertop models. They typically range between 18" and 24", making them perfect for standard bar tops and countertops. Larger sizes have the ability to accommodate higher volumes of pizza at once. Smaller units will be more space friendly when using multiple units or other food holding and warming equipment.

Pizza Merchandiser Configurations

Pizza warmers come in either 3 shelf or 4 shelf designs. Wire racks can be removed for cleaning or replacing easily. Heated pizza racks are available in either rotating or non-rotating configurations.

Tiered units are perfect for holding and presenting a variety of products simultaneously, keeping them at set temperatures for superior flavor and appearance. Merchandisers use modern signage to improve appearance and increase appeal.

Interior lighting spotlights your delicious creations, catching the eyes of passing customers. These merchandisers will help in attracting hungry stomachs towards your business. With bright lighting, colorful signage, and multiple configurations available, we are sure you'll be able to find the right pizza merchandiser for your foodservice.

To maximize your pizza cooking capabilities and quality, check out some of these great pizza supplies. If you need an extra or replacement shelf, we have plenty of wire rack systems.

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