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Keep your draft beers, chilled sides, and frozen deserts perfectly cooled with glass frosters and plate chillers.

Serving drinks in a chilled glass or mug adds a premium feel to your brewery, restaurant, or bar. Commercial glass and plate chillers are designed specifically for this purpose. Cold glasses keep beverages colder longer, boost customer satisfaction, and help your business stand out from the competition. Serve your sodas, craft beers, and other beverages in a perfectly frosted glass using a glass or plate chiller. These specialty commercial refrigerators are NSF certified, meaning you can also serve delicious ice cream, fresh salads, and more on a cold plate for an elevated dining experience.

Whether you're looking to chill a few glasses or a few dozen, Burkett has many styles of frosters to fit your needs. Many models have an Energy Star rating to save on operational costs. Choose from a black laminate finish or stainless steel exterior to fit with your existing equipment and add to the look of your bar or restaurant. Overnight defrost systems, self cleaning condensers, shallow well designs, and underbar models are just a few features to consider and compare between brands when choosing your beer glass chiller.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Glass Frosters & Plate Chillers

What is a glass frosters and plate chiller?

When you place chilled food on a warm plate it too gets warm. Same goes for beverages. Glass chillers, sometimes referred to as glass frosters, are pieces of commercial refrigeration that allow cold food and drinks to hold their serving temperatures longer. Glasses and plates are stocked directly into the unit's compartment, which looks a lot like a bottle cooler. These coolers make it easy for your staff to access plates and cups that are at ideal temperatures for what's being served. Glass chillers typically hold internal temperatures of -10°F to 15°F to properly chill your dishware.

What capacity glass froster and plate chiller is right for my business?

The capacity needed is dependent on your business type and level of business. Choose based on the volume your restaurant, bar, or brewery serves daily. Some glass chillers are designed only for glasses or mugs, while others can hold plates as well. Capacity is listed by the number of glasses or plates the unit can hold and chill at once.

Which is better for my establishment, a stainless steel or vinyl coated glass froster and plate chiller?

Both are great choices. Stainless steel has a clean and elegant look that is great for upscale restaurants. Vinyl coating is easy to clean, matches any décor, and under restaurant lighting is less likely to show dings and scratches. Vinyl is also a more budget friendly option.

Other Refrigeration Options

A glass froster and plate chiller is not the only refrigeration equipment needed to run a bar or restaurant. Burkett has a wide variety of refrigeration equipment like back bar coolers, bottle coolers, keg coolers, undercounter refrigerators, and so much more.