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Walk-In Coolers & Freezers

Many foodservice establishments make use of walk-in coolers because they provide a lot of cold storage space. When searching for the ideal unit, determine whether it will be placed indoors or outside, if you need a floor or not and the overall dimensions. One of the first things you need to consider when looking for a walk-in cooler is whether it will be used inside or out. Outdoor walk-in coolers will need special coating on the exterior metal to protect it from the elements. The compressor will also need a special cover.

Indoor walk-in coolers will be a separate room all to themselves. Finding the right size unit to fit the available space may be a bit of a chore. Whether installing a walk-in cooler in an existing building or during the construction phase of a new building, you will want to take into account the compressor size and location, as well as the overall size of the unit. Remember that each wall has about four inches of insulation, so the interior dimensions will be slightly smaller than the exterior. Take this into account when estimating the storage space you need.

Another consideration to keep in mind when searching for a walk-in cooler is whether you need it to come with a floor or not, they can come either way. The floors that come with the unit are usually a grooved or textured metal. Many establishments opt to lay their own tile floors inside the walk-ins for a more customized look, or to match the flooring of the rest of the kitchen.

Burkett Restaurant Equipment & Supplies has a variety of Norlake walk-in coolers and Kolpak walk-in coolers to meet the needs of commercial restaurants, cafeterias, and other venues. If you are looking for a custom walk-In refrigeration unit, chat with, email, or call one of our sales professionals.

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